Wednesday, March 07, 2007

KMA #7

back from a short trip to visit family, nephew turned 1 yesterday...happy kid. So I had my kick my ass session last week and it did. We did a lot of the normal routine but this week added a weight vest.....ok that's harder. My HR got to 195 on one of the treadmill sessions where we had it jacked to 15 on the incline. one exercise we were doing was to old a weighted sandbag above our head ( about 20 pounds) and do quick up and downs on a block, not so bad until that bag starting feeling like the empire state building. we switched over to large block hop ups and one leg ups and we were doing 2 minute routines instead of the usual 90 seconds and whenever he said "half way" I about crapped my pants. The one that really got me was doing lunges across the room with the sandbag held out.....I could not even hold it out so he let me hug it. Somehow Bruce managed about 10 lunges holding it out until it looked like he was also hugging the baby. I real;y have a love hate relationship with these strength routines. They are really hard but what a difference they have been making. I feel stringer and look leaner. I also seem to find my other workouts do not seem as hard even though by distance or HR they are.

did a warm up in the pool yesterday and then did a timed 500 meter trying to see how long a 500 yard time would be for upcoming race in April but not sure on the conversion. I swam the 500 meter in 12 minutes and I think that calculates to 11 minutes for the slow!!!!! I have a swim coaching session this morning and I will address that. While my form looks better still too slow, last year when I could barely swim I did the same course in 11 minutes so i know a year later with practice and training i should be faster...right? shouldn't I? we shall see...

also got my REI dividend back and going to see about some new running shoes today...hey they are free so cant complain...also got some free shorts using a gift certificate I get for riding my bicycle to free free LOVING IT!!!!!


jameson said...

I am still envious of your KMA sessions. I have been able to find anything like that here in San Diego.

What kinds have changes have you noticed in your body since you started? leaner? more muscle? lighter?

keep it up dude!

Brian C. said...

Hey Drew - enjoy the blog. (via triscoop)

I live in Corvallis and this will be my second beaver freezer (and second tri). My gf and I have signed up for the dechutes dash - have you ever done that race?

Drew Holmes said...

Jdub, the sessions rock!!!!!! I decided to extend the session a few more months because I am getting leaner and feeling stronger. more muscle for sure. going every other week for next two weeks then taper off. You live in the big city should be able to find something similar. I would reccomend it.

Brian, yeah PM me on triscoop or email me, see you at the freezer. Did Deschutes dash last year and will be out of town this year but a great race, well put together and fun. right in town too. need a westsuit cuz that river is cold even in summer I think, ( most wore wetsuits)