Thursday, March 22, 2007

last KMA session before the Beaver Freezer

wow I actually felt pretty good at the KMA session.

Started with a really easy treadmill warmup and then kyle sent us out on a run with a presribed route that ended up being 1.6 miles with 1 hill. ( here is the map). he said to go at a hard effort so i kep the HR at between 175-180. Bruce took off and I lost sight of him....a fast runner and I am at best average.

got back to the gym in 12 minutes and starting doing box jump ups ( x25), then push ups using barbells with rows while in the push up position followed by a burpee with military press lift ( x 25) then hold the big heavy ball and do 50 scissor kicks.

then he sent us back out on the route again stating that we needed to get the same time....i worked hard and came back within 40 seconds of my first time.

Then did a deadlift followed by step up holding the bar onto the box ( weight was a bit heavy for me and he suggested I go down, I said I would just do less. then did push up jumps on two bosu balls followed by doing 100 double jumps back and forth sideways over a hurdle ( ouch), then 2 minutes of jump rope.......

back to the run route again trying to get the same time......ohh I was slowing down for sure and got a slight side stitch in my side at the hill but mustered through it, the good thing about having a coach is if i would have been by myself I would have walked for 10 minutes to work it out but knowing he was timing these pushed me on to rally back to the gym.

AHHHHH all done just abs left

50 crunches
50 bicycles per side
20 v-ups
2 minute bridge

so last week I went in rested and was wasted.....this time day before put in long bike and run and today feel good??? oh well I will figure this all out someday

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jameson said...

man... i don't get it either. There are days when I think I should be able to go hard and I have nothing in the tank... and then there's the opposite... which are the unexpected really good days... Either way solid work!