Saturday, March 31, 2007

Weekly wrap up

Well lets see its been a busy week:

Wed:I had another great session with my Swim coach Vanessa Polvi. This was an extra good lesson as she did a follow up video analysis and I could really see some changes since the last one. she was also able to get the video on to the computer right then so after the lesson we went out and did a post workout analysis and I could see what I was doing. She also pulled up her older vids of me from December and played them side by side for comparison. I have the Beaver Freezer race coming up a week from today and she is going to be there as a volunteer ( she was a NCAA swimmer at OSU, the venue) so I will have my coach there to give me last second tips and analyze how I did post race hopefully.

Thursday: I had to travel to Hood River for work and it was an all day deal so I got up early and went to Spin class at 5:30 AM at the swim center. I have not done spin class in years as I ride so much outside that it really never occurs to me to do so. The new spin room has about 25 bikes in a room set up for spinning with tiered platforms so if you are in the back you can still see. The front has a 60 inch plasma screen and they play cycling videos while they teach the class so I was able to watch some Belgium racing while cycling. The instructor was pretty good and It was a nice change of pace. I may hit the class once a week before swimming to supplement my other workouts, ,it was enjoyable.

Friday: went to the gym early and did some workouts I found on crossfit. that site rocks and really will be a great addition to the KMA workouts and my endurance training. after doing some core and the mini cross fit workout I went for a swim workout that Moonpie turned me on to and did page 19 of workouts in a binder.

I modified it slightly:

W/U 200 meters

main set:

300,200,100 with 20 sec rest moderate pace

200,100,50 negative splits 25 sec rests

100 fast

50 fast

6 x 100 pull

50 cool down:

total meters: 1950 meters, 1.2 miles

Today ( Sat) plan on some interval runs and some swim technique, tomorrow I am going on a medium long bike ride with Webcyclery who is putting on a group Paris roubaix type ride fir cyclocross with paved and dirt.

Next week is race week so according to Joe Friel here is the planned week:

Mon: Swim and run both recreational pace and distance
Tue: short run high intensity
Wed: Swim and bike short with high intensity
Thursday possible short swim or day off
Friday: pre race brick, easy bike run combo ( likely on the course) with some short bursts

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jameson said...

Looks like you have solid week lined up. Good luck at the race!