Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Been working hard on my nutrition as this is an area that easily slips through after training had day after day.I am making a HUGE investment in trying to eat breakfast. I was always running out the door with a cup of coffee only. I am now trying to eat a good meal in the morning like grape nuts heated up with non fat milk and a protein shooter drink with some flax seed oil in it for the Omega 3s.

The other thing is I have been drinking lots of water at work and green tea instead of my usual 6 cups of coffee. HYDRATE!!!

Yesterday had a swim coaching session with Vanessa and I am learning new stuff each session. next week she is going to film me again and I will be able to see if the 2 months has shown improvement. the last video really helped me visualize what I was doing. This last session she got in the pool and showed me a few examples of what I was doing and that helped. I think I am a hands on and visual learner for sure.

I also added jdubs link to the sidebar as he has really upped his blog well.


jameson said...

That coffee maker is sick. I need one!

Good call on the breakfast. I think it's defintely the most important meal of the day if you are planning on training your butt off. You should try the Kashi version of grape nuts, I like them better. I use the good 'ol flax seed oil in protein shakes too... good stuff.

about the Garmin... It's definitely big, but not too big. for me The pros out weigh the cons.

thanks for the link!

Susan Oseen said...

Holy Coffee Maker---You must LOVE coffee. That's awesome that you are getting breakfast in now. I am sure it makes a differense with your workouts.

Anonymous said...

yeah that is a sweet coffee machine, wife and I got if for an annivisery and we love it. makes killer espresso and easy to clean. actually saves money on good quality coffee beans beacuse it only uses what you make so no waste. worth every penny. at first i was drinking like 7-8 shots a day and i have toned it back a bit


Rob said...

Dude... you're hardCORE! Nice work on the coffee limitations... I'm a one cup a day kinda guy. I've also cut down on the icecream binges... that was a tough one!

T-Guy J said...

MMMMMMMM, coffeee.

Love the blog, as always, Drew