Saturday, March 31, 2007

run with no shirt idea, kind of dorky but it worked

It was a hot day and I ran with my short off so where to clip the Ipod shuffle with all those wires??? saw this in a magazine somewhere and works great, just clip it to your wires


jameson said...

I ran this morning with my shuffle clipped to my visor (actually on the exact same NUUN visor)... killer idea. So much better than having it clipped on my arm. All the wires were behind me... thanks for the tip.

Scottie said...

Hey Drew, I have a nano that I have been training with but after seeing this I went out and bought a shuffle and damn it sure was nice to have the wires up and out of the way. Now this summer when I'm in a tank in HOT weather no more sweaty arm from carrying the nano. Thanks for the great Idea dude!!!!