Monday, April 02, 2007

super off road brick

great last big workout before my taper to the Beaver Freezer. this is one of three races I will taper for. The Beaver Freezer, the Pacific Crest half and the full IM. The other races I will just train right through as they are all really just for training and fun.

met a group of about 30 riders at Webcyclery and about half were on cyclocross bike and half on road bikes.

We spun out of town and got a nice group oace going and then hit dome dirt roads and back to some paved roads, I think it all ended being about 60% road and 40% dirt. It was a pretty fast paced group. I do not know what the actual speed was since I do not have a computer on my cyclocross bike. At the half way point the shop had a feed and water which was a well needed short break as I was hungry. after the break we got back out towards china hat road and the dirt was alittle harder to negotiate and group split. I hammered to stay up and eventually caught up to a few riders and then bridged a gap to a group of three who were about 30 seconds behnd the "tete de la course". One was a girl and I found out later she used to be pro and I believe it because she was taking some long pulls up front and we rotated around and really hammered up to the front group but also could not catch them even though we thought we had them at a stop sign but they took off. almost....., then we got up towards Brookswood Blv. and two riders from the front pcak came back to help us pull and it ended up being my friends Rob ( Pharmacy Rob) and Mike ( of the M&M crew). we then got another paceline going and we were hauling as the roads were super smooth.

Cost for the group ride including all the food and water at the mid point: FREE

Thanks Webcyclery much appreciated. Rob is doing the race manager position for this this year and I am sure this will add to their team as he is really committed to it and knowing a bunch of guys there should be a great team.

whole ride including the trip with Rob and I from our meet place and back was about 46 miles. I then rode home and transitioned into running attire and got a nice 5 mile run ( also a mix of road and trail) under the belt for a nice brick. I am feeling good. A little tired this Monday morning but great weekend and I will stick to my easy plan this week. today a super easy swim and super easy run.

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