Thursday, April 05, 2007

Weekly wrap up

Good week and an easy week. I stuck to my race plan and after the hard effort brick on Sunday have been taking it easy except for some prescribed short intensive efforts. i did do a race simulation swim of the 500 yards yesterday at the pool. After getting my second video analysis by Vanessa I am trying to time my strokes more even, i was gliding too long on the right and it caused me to sink a few inched bringing my body and head a little underwater. By working on that and using a mental mantra of "1 and core " each stroke i was keeping a rhythm and counting which lap I was on and reminding myself to use more core than arm in the stroke. Worked well because by doing it I had a little more focus and I knew which lap I was on and I was less fatigued.

I did the 500 yards in 9:58 which is the fastest I have done it so far and I think It will be even faster at the race. ( time wise please recall I have been swimming for about 14 months)

later that evening Bruce stopped by and we looked at the two videos that Vanessa did 3 months apart ( he only had the first one done) and wow you could see some improvement that he pointed out for technique. It was pretty funny some of the crap I was doing before and i would have never noticed it without the video. a for sure thing type of tool i would say.

Well signing off as i leave for Corvallis for the Beaver Freezer Sprint Triathlon. I will be back Sunday night with a race report.

Pre race goals

Swim under 10 minutes
Bike average speed 21 MPH
Run 7:30 minute miles

fast transitions


T-Guy J said...

Have a great race...

Can't wait to hear the race report afterwords.

Remember, it is completely fair game to hit people during the swim. Chuck Norris would approve

T-Guy J

TRI-ROB said...

Dude! Hope to see you up there tomorrow morning! If not... kick some ASS!

TRI-ROB said...

Dude! Hope to see you up there tomorrow morning! If not... kick some ASS!

adam said...

Nice Beaver

kt said...

Nice work on the pool swim. Can't wait to hear how it went at the race (and the rest of the race report).