Monday, April 16, 2007

Super Brick

Well my psychological is high this morning as I completed my super brick on Sunday.

110 miles on the road followed up by a 1ok run. the ride took 5 and half hours and the run was an hour. I felt awesome. heart rate stayed about 145-155, good food and hydration, only lost 2 pounds. the run took an hour and I felt pretty good. All this time I was wondering what it would feel like to run after that long of a bike and now I know...hard but doable.

great picture huh? we rode from Bend to Smith Rock, out to Prineville and then out to the reservoir and back to Bend via Alfalfa market. this pic is looking back to bend after we made the big climb out of the reservoir area.

followed up by a swim this morning ( easy swim) with Stephanie who is a kick ass biker and wants to start working in some swimming. I am sure she will be a future triathlete to be reckoned with.


jameson said...

epic training! There's no doubt you will be ready to take it out at IM Canada.

T-Guy J said...

Awesome job, Drew.

You are going to blast IM Canada. I just wish I could get out and ride like you. BOOO RAIN...BOOO

I threw you some link love. Your blog just keeps getting better and better.

T-Guy J

Anonymous said...

Have to say that you did quite well on the ride. I don't have anything snide to say about this.