Monday, April 23, 2007

Solid Weekend

Went to the pool on Sat and was planning a big swim workout and DRATS!!! the pool was closed for a meet so back home I went and said you know I have been saving that Exterra world championship race on the Tivo for a while now so I busted out the trainer and watched it sweating like a pig for an hour. sometime I do not mind the trainer if I can multi task like that.

Sunday went on a 28 mile mountain bike ride of which the 1st 14 miles was all up hill. for those that know the Bend trails went from my house to the Entrada. up COD, up to Storm King an then up to the Heli pad. Took the heli pad down and crossed over to he canyon and raced some guys down ( good motivation Utrek style) and then up and over KGB back to the house. swapped out for some running shoes and ran a 10k all trail run. really solid 3.5 hour workout. ( HR stayed at 150ish the whole time)

These are mountain bike trails JDUB!!!!!!!

While riding came across a crew from COTA led by none other than super Chris so that was nice to see ( I need o get my trail building time in this year as well).


jameson said...

sounds like a good time. It seems the more I train "offroad" the less and less I want to train "onroad".

TRI-ROB said...

Dude! Thanks for the comment on my blog... love that! I'll get to 50 here in the next couple weeks... no problem! Those trails look like a BLAST! What's up with our pools being closed this weekend? Mine had a power outage! I'm headed your way on Thursday... lets hook up!