Monday, July 10, 2006

Seattle Vashon Island race Exterra off road triathlon

I must say this race was fun.....Ocean Swim during Orca Mating season, Mountain ride through forested single track and a great trail run.....800 m swim, about 12 mile ride and 6 k run, Bruce came in second and I got 9th......typical..I swim SLOWWWWW and bike pretty decent and run like I have a stick stuck somewhere but manage to only be passed by two people. ended up MOP ( middle of pack) over all so that is cool by me. If there were more of these I would do them. They seem to be just too spread out geography wise.

all in all it felt like a normal sport level mountain bike race with a short warmup swim and a short kill your legs run to wrapup...more mountain bike race than triathlon. my cup of tea but too short for my goal of ironman 2007 in Canada,,,I have the days off to go and watch the 2006 race and then sign up the next day for 2007 .

the whole field for this statewide race was only 73....pretty sad turnout, I see more at a Portland cyclocross race in the muddy winter.....wish there had been more.

RIDER down!!!! They marked this hidden stump end for the race but not for the pre ride and Bruce took a winger!!!! Posted by Picasa

FAST!!!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

The turner with Raineer in the backdrop but too much smog Posted by Picasa

super!!!! Posted by Picasa

a few short road sections up top but mostly it was single track Posted by Picasa

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single track was pretty smooth I thought Posted by Picasa

lush trees Posted by Picasa

in the forest Posted by Picasa

exterra1  Posted by Picasa

the bike I need....NEED I TELL YOU!!!! Posted by Picasa