Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Say hello to my little friend!!!

Well I have a love hate relationship with these heavy balls so I bought one for home use. Here was my early morning Workout of the day:

1/4 mile run outside
15 burpees using the heavy burly ball and raising it over head
50 rotations on jump rope

do 4 rounds of that and then did 50 crunches and side planks ( 20 each side)

Plan on doing swimming again this afternoon. 5 sets of 200m. I am working on form after my least lesson and the pool is now 50 meters through the summer so that is sweet. working on getting my entry angle and depth the same on each side. my left is a bit shallow and my right is a bit deep so working on "'balance".

I am really working out hard this season with my IM goal. I think why I am so focused late in life is i never had sports or health growing up. I was a very sick asthma kid that weighted 90 pounds wet. I took a handful of medication everyday and was hospitalized more times that i know ( or at least rushed to the doctor). The fact that I can now go out and do any of these things and even compete is crazy looking back. I did find one benefit talking to a buddy the other day ( I think it was Dan Davis) was that since he ran for years and years growing up his knees are shot. I never ran growing up so they are fresh!!!!!

I can say my daughter does not have these issues as she seems healthy as a horse and never stops moving. I will go watch her do gymnastics on Thursday...should be fun.


TRI-ROB said...

You dah man Drew! BOOYAH! Keep it up bro...

T-Guy J said...

That is a mighty big ball you have there :-)