Tuesday, May 29, 2007

great weekend.

Saturday...took the family for an outing. Jennelle and I did the cyclocross/tag along bike combo while Isis hit the MTB and we rode about 4 miles to a trail head. We locked the bikes to a tree and hiked up the river trail for a few miles to have a picnic. nice bike/hike/family outing.

Sunday. I had a great 65 mile bike ride with Anthony, Erik, Johnathon and Dave. Up to Mt. Bachelor from town ( for jetpack and Texafornia we call this a hill..... 3623 ft in town up to 5800 feet at the ski area parking lot ...........climbed 2177 feet in about 18 miles). coming back down we hit a tailwind and were cruising down at 49 miles per hour....not bad except a few cross winds freaked us out at that speed.

Monday had a killer group mountain bike ride followed by an excellent BBQ........great time....I must admit that after cleaning the teeter I went back for one more and bit it big time!!!!!!!

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akbreezo said...

Killer weekend, Drew! I love it.
By the way, my husband freaked when he saw the bike on a bike! Brilliant.