Saturday, May 26, 2007

Individual Results for Entire Race
May 19, 2007
Place Name Town Bib# Category Overall
Swim (500
yds) T1 Bike (12.5
mi) T2 Run (3.1 mi) *

21 Drew Holmes Bend, OR 33 RM35-39 1:13:16 00:09:15?
(1:51.0) 00:01:40? 00:36:06
(20.8) 00:00:24 00:25:51

27 David Speirs Vancouver, BC
Canada 71 RM60-69 1:14:39 00:08:24
(1:40.8) 00:01:45 00:38:49
(19.3) 00:01:17 00:24:24

So here are the results from the Lebanon triathlon.

so overall came in 21st out of 95 entries, Swim estimated at 9:15, bike at 36 minutes and run at 25 minutes/ total time was 1:13:16

I have to say not sure if really right but then again time is pretty close to my time at the beaver Freezer. I had super fast transistions here and they put me down for 00:01:40? that is not right for sure. I had like a sub minute transition both times. At the same time the fuys that beat me did so woth speed not mistakes on the timing for sure. i am super impressed by my Buddy Daves times.....this guy is 61 and a speed demon and has yet to peak as he starts his second season of triathlon.

So this weekend ( memorial day) plan on a weight training psuedo crossfit workout today and then long ride Sunday and mountain bike Monday with a group. but going long all days, may even do a workout ride the morning on Monday early before the more relaxed ride Monday with the group so I will not be tempted to take off.

I like this pic above that Marsha sent me because it has me running in the redwoods but also because it is the only time I will be pacing super Chuck. ( he was at the end of the marathon with a knee that was bothering him) Chuck is heling organize an adventure race next week that I am going to do. That will be a long day as I also have a mountain bike race that day and then the night time adventure race. Should be fun.....they always are.

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TRI-ROB said...

Hey Bud! Cool picture! Nice job on the Lebanon Sprint... seems like a screwy race though. I'll talk to you later this week!