Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Ok i am throwing down the big money and getting a swim analisys in a few weeks here in town. found a girl who does this through a program called dartfish. It is underwater and on top and does analisys of your stroke and becomes an audio visual training tool. i always think I am doing the right thing but I am visual and cannot see what i am doing so this should really help me. Being a newer swimmer i hope can fix some behinner errors that I am sure I am making. Bruce who is training for Exterra is doing it with me as with the core training we start in January with a coach. This stuff is expensive!!! I am jeoulos of all my buddys that are the race athlete tea that get all this stuff for free, If anything I think the programs keep you invested in what you are doing. I will see if I can get part of the swim video on YOUTUBE and post here?? Even though it is the middle of Winter Bruce and I are going cycling today as it is sunny and the roads are clear: ( above freezing).

Wood floors go in tomorrow and the home gym starts to take shape....Excited.


Duane said...

I thik you'll love it! I had Mike Ricci of D3 Multisports (and raceathlete.com) film me and critique me. It was amazing some of the things I was doing and didn't know I was doing. You will benefit greatly!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I will try and see if I can post some stuff from it here, Thanks Duane.


Robin said...

That looks really cool, I will be interested in reading your results and comments on your coaching using the dartfish system.

As a swim coach, I'd love to get my hands on that technology, thanks for the information!