Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Plan is to hit the concept 2 for 20 minutes and then ride the cruiser into work today.......quite the drama at my house as my espresso machine works every other day. I get an error message and it will not work and then I threaten to send in back to the factory and it works. I am having a mental battle with a coffee machine I tell you. knee still feels 100% so that is good, fitness coming back pretty decently. should be good to go soon as my workout schedule is back on track and only drinking beer on the weekends instead of every night......but then you have to take a break after the big event right???? headed to Utah to ski a little backcountry and a little lift serve with my brothers...a true bro fest. should be mucho fun as they say down south.

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Chaser Bren said...

Updates from Utah we hope...?