Monday, February 11, 2008

no mas excuses

2 full ski runs on the old telemark boards!!!! Yeah the knee is solid. I must admit I felt like day 1 for the season even though it is Feb….but then again it was day 1 for me and the ski legs. I felt a little quad burn with just two runs…..i guess the biking and running helped but the training for skiing is still skiing.

Also today was day 1 of riding the bike to work. So I aired up the tires on my cyclocross bike and got all my gear ready. Warm clothes, nitrider helmet lamp charged up. Studded tires in place and mud guards set. I set out at 6 am to beat traffic to the office and was doing fine until I hit a glassy frozen patch in my own neighborhood and down I went. At least I was going slowly. The rest of the way was pretty well worn by cars and had sand on the roads so not a problem. Nice crisp morning and a run via the river trail to the office. A nice 25 minute ride. Now full sunshine warm day and the same ride back. That should start shedding a few pounds as I get in 4 daily commutes a week ( I work from home one day a week).

I would say the excuses are gone and let the workouts begin!!!!!

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jameson said...

Glad to hear you are back at it...