Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tminus 3 days

Great crossfit type workout today

bosu ball routine ( 5 T steps, bounce for stability and mogul twists)
25 sit squats on med ball
100 jump rope

for 4 Rounds, then abs

good workout. ( no pukie today but I been there brother...) all set after skiing yesterday with Rob up at Bachelor and a quick 90 minute spin ride ( although I almost bagged half way since I was feeling like a PUSS. ) Will head out to Utah on Wed and ski Thursday through Monday. I will get photos each day and throw a few on the blog for sure.

I have been rereading my crossfit journal and looking at the free videos and I am committed to doing crossfit this year. With no place around here i will do them off the blog for awhile. start after i get back from Utah.

another cool site: I made a list when I was 18 and I am pretty sure I have done all of it already. I need to go find it again I have it somewhere. time for a new list.

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