Friday, July 11, 2008

cascade cyling classic

Huge road race ( Cascase cycling classic) in town this week with the like of levi Leipheimer and Chris Horner and Tom Danielson. Today my bud Bruce Rogers starts the cat 4 race in the classic. TT this morning and then crit today. I am off to watch him do both. He should do well as he will likely get some good times in the TT with a borrowed superbike. Tonight is the pro crit as well downtown and I will take pics.

I started working on my base by getting in about 90 minutes of mountain bike spinning in the mornings when I wake up. been cold ( about 50 degrees) but once you get going pretty comfy.

Planning on taking the wetsuit up to a mountain lake.

OHHHHH so much going on and not enough time to type....

Came across this medal draped on a trail marker this morning while biking in the forest as a memorial:

here is some more about her:
Recently, a very good friend of mine with a family history of breast cancer decided to undergo genetic testing to determine if she carried the gene for the disease. Although her twin sister did not have the gene, Amanda did, which means she has an 87 percent chance of developing cancer. She faces some really tough choices, and I can only imagine the burden she now carries. Yet I wholeheartedly believe that she will use the dire information to empower herself and “live strong.” Two weeks ago, I was mountain biking on Phil’s Trail past the Flaming Chicken. There was something new hanging on the chicken, so I stopped to check it out. It was a tribute to local athlete Jeannette Sullivan, who passed away recently from pancreatic cancer. Jeannette was a triathlon goddess; she competed in 16 Ironman races, including eight in Kona (Hawaii) where she asked to have her ashes spread after the final person crosses the finish line. The only time I ever met Jeannette was very briefly at the Tour des Chutes last year, where she was riding with friend Dagmar Eriksson a couple of weeks after being diagnosed. “She was a very strong spirit, full of life and energy,” said Eriksson. The Tour des Chutes, with routes of 7 miles to 100 miles to be held July 19, is a great ride for a great cause: the Lance Armstrong Foundation and the St. Charles Cancer Survivorship Program. Last year the Tour des Chutes had over 800 cyclists and raised over $65,000. For more information visit or call (971) 235-2120. Written by Pam Stevenson Wednesday, 09 July 2008


Kona Shelley said...

Oh boy...this has been a day filled with reading things like this..i'm not sure what to say. It's very sad, but the medal is so inspiring. I too would like my ashes strewn across the IMH finish line..seems fitting to me!!

Cindy Jo said...

Wow, Drew. Thanks for posting that. It actually brought tears to my eyes, which doesn't happen often! What a touching way to remember someone.