Wednesday, March 29, 2006

9 days

I am 9 days out from the Beaver Freezer and I am all hot!!!! I am ready to ill this thing. I had a run yesterday that I was about 20 minutes into when Bruce called on the cell phone. I answered it and said " Hey Bruce wassup? I am out on a trail run." He yells back at me " how can you make complete sentences? That means you are not running hard enough!!!!" That spurred me on harder. He is good like that. Talking about this upcoming race he reminded me that this is a C race not an A race so I better finish with nothing in the tank so that I know how big my tank is for the A race...good point. I plan on giving it my 101%, I would give 110% but that's too much....READY!!!!!


Flatman said...

You said "beaver"... :)

Drew Holmes said...