Saturday, March 25, 2006

first Tri of the year SIMPLY STU WORLWIDE TRI

SO what a great morning!!! I had planned on doing the Simply Stu outside on my TT bike and had all the setup and was ready to go. jennelle and I drove the course last night about 7 PM and made sure the turnaround for the 15 mile bike and the 5k run were marked. I woke up at 5 am this morning to a dusting of plan B I logged on to triscoop to cry about it and Coach Adam ( the real coach not my brother Adam) said to man up so I got my cyclocross bike ready for a light snow time passed the snow kept falling to almost 6 inches so inside I went. I called my training buddy Bruce and we went to the Athletic club of Bend. With Bruce watching over me as the official and coach he got me set. Into the pool I went and 1/4 mile later was done, that was 8:50...not bad for me. started out too fast which is exactly what my coach told me not do do yesterday but I got caught up. transition was a little slow from Swim to bike at 1:58, putting on a bike jersey on a wet body is slow...that should be faster when my one piece gets here next week.

To the bike it was a fixed gear spin bike so not exactly totally realistic but had a nice distance dipalya and I rode 15 miles in 56:50 at a HR of about 165 the whole time. felt pretty good. Would have been better on a real bike.

fast transition to my running shoes with YANZ laces so about 17 seconds.

running indoors not too bad for the weather, at least real running and not stuck on a treadmill so my 5k took 27.37 and sustained a HR of 171 for most of it and finished the last half mile at a HR of 185. Felt Great and recovered fast after the end of it so that was A plus. Time to take a full weekend day off which will be a first in 5 months and get the gameplan for 2 weeks from today which is the next sprint race in Corvallis.

transistion times were approx. the total time for the 1/4 mile swim, 15 mile bike and 5k run was 1 hour 35 minutes and 27 seconds. not bad for my first one.

Thanks Stu


jameson said...

holy crap... you have an awesome gym... pool, spin bikes with aerobars, and an indoor track!... maybe i should put bend on my places to move.. right now i am looking at boulder and around the phoenix in bend the snowboarding is insane!!!

Drew Holmes said...

This is the club I take my swim coaching at. My training buddy Bruce is a member but I am not. It is a super nice and right next to my house but for the money I am not sure how muc I would use it?? during nicer weather ( here about 9 months out of the year) I ride and runoutside and lift at just a pool to me. community center has an olympic pool so....I might join later when daughter is older so she has a place to hang that is positive. As for Bend....two words...IT ROCKS!!!!