Sunday, May 22, 2011

Training real world

Friday night trained on the actual race course for the creampuff. Utrek and I rode up to Aid station 2 at Windy Pass and found snow as Chuck had predicted. We hiked, rode, and got through 1.5 miles of snow on the trail. The trail was wet and slick at places. pretty demanding run, kept heart rate at about 165 up the climb with Utrek pacing me. time to aid 2 was 1 hour 17 minutes, would like to get that closer to 1 hour. Camped overnight and started next workout the next morning climbing up to heckletooth. We actually took a wrong turn at the top but had some beta on a bushwack location to find the trail. the shortcut will be called " Eugene's girlfriends shortcut". With the trail and brownie for energy we hit the summit and descended through some heinous terrain. trail condition were great once we got past the steep switchbacks.

Two days of solid training.....

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