Monday, May 16, 2011

New bikepacking gear

While I love my Bob trailer and camping pulling all the fin stuff and the kitchen sink I am inspired by the Tour Divide racers that start in a month. They ride from Canada to Mexico unsupported and carry light gear. While I am doing a 100 mile mountain bike race in 55 days, these guys almost do that daily for a month!!!! They ride and camp carrying their gear and I found some awesome gear made in this cottage industry by REVELATE . So after a decent wait which was not a problem as we had quite the winter here My gear came this last weekend. I found the cost reasonable for such custom gear and the quality is high. I plan to put it through its paces with an overnight or two in the next week. Notice that the front carry's a sleeping bag and in the back seatpack I have a full size Bibler bivy sac and it still has half the space left.

Early review thoughts......very pleased. will post again after some real world use.

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