Wednesday, December 17, 2008

na na na na na say its your birthday!!!!!!

so this was my treat after the KMA ( kick my ass) workout with Kyle, we did the dirty dozen....ohhhhhhhhhh yeah!

so after a 15 minute warm up on the treadmill we alternated 1 excerixe for 12 reps and then back to the treadmill, then did the 1 workout and added another the to the treadmill, then repeated those 2 and added another etc etc.

We ended up getting through 9 rounds in 45 minutes :

they were air squats, burpees with a med ball thruster overhead, leg ups on the red box with ball overhead ( 12 per leg), then push-up position on kettelbells doing horizontal rows keeping balance on 1 while pulling the other alternating 12 each arm. then 12 splits with rubber-band, then 12 push-ups, then 12 overhead ball side to side jumps and then finally 12 wall sits with 18 pound bar overhead raises.........

then a few minutes of each of these:

reg. crunches, side crunches, bicycle crunches, leg crunches, then side planks and dips and normal plank......WEHHHHHHH

GOOD STUFF!!!! Now Kyle is working putting together a birthday challenge for me to do on Saturday. I am taking the next two days off in preparation for that day.

great day overall and even a call from the man from the north.....or was that women from the east?

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adam and melissa said...

Heard Adam got to talk to you on your bday, but I missed you, hope you had a Happy Birthday!