Saturday, December 13, 2008


well it went from clean dirt single track to snow and winter overnight. so with that I will be stuck inside for the most part on a trainer for awhile ( although as you all know I throw the studded tires on the bikes and do ride in the winter) with that I am going to focus the next few months on the swim. I did a 500 meter time trial and will start to white board my time trial results. the goal here is to do a timed event once every two weeks to see how the results are improving hopefully. With the Beaver freezer coming in April I will do them around those distances.

Swim: 500 yards 20 lengths (10 laps) in a 25 yard pool

Bike: 12 miles (bike map) Mostly flat, some hills, two out and back sections.

Run: 3.1 miles (run map) Mostly flat and fast course.

so with these short distance I can still trail most of the week for distance and use this as a hard workout in conjunction with my weekly KMA with Kyle Will

the pool I swim in is meters so i will go a bit longer when I do it...lets see:

so the other day I did 500 meters and did it in 12 minutes flat, not fast and granted I am not really a swimmer by nature but i endure prior to the bike and run.

last time i did the beaver freezer i came in third in my division with these times:

Drew HolmesBend, OR178M35-391:12:3000:10:19 (2:03.8) 00:01:16 00:34:36 (20.8) 00:01:35 00:24:44 (7:58.7)

swim was ok at 10:19, both transitions were pretty fast and the bike average at 20 mph was ok but can be improved on and the run at 24 minutes for a 5k was respectable.

goal is to move up a place this year. I went from 4th in 2006 to 3rd in 2007 so going for 1st or second. The key will be to make Utrek enter the mountain bike division :)

so off to enjoy the weekend and maybe even get in a hike up the cindercone and ski it???

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