Sunday, January 25, 2009

3 hours of fun

SO according to the schedule I was supposed to do:

RUN 1:30
See if you can find a route today that is a bit different than your usual "Sunday long run" -- adding a little variety can keep your attitude fresh. Just make sure to keep your HR under 75% (and closer to 70%) the entire time.
BIKE 0:45
This is the usual continuation of the morning's aerobic running effort. The reason for putting the short bike work *after* the run is to enable you to continue the effort & cool down more completely while reducing the banging on your legs.
but I get up to SNOW SNOW SNOW...I even considered going skiing but decided to wait on that. SO i went o Juniper to hit the treadmill for an hour plus and then finish with a the gym at 8:15.......gym opens at 9 AM...CRAP!!!!!! so I decided I would run outside in the cold until the gym opened up. I ran around the nearby high school doing laps around the building in fresh snow. Actually not bad once warmed up a little. did abut 3.5 miles according to the nike+ and then went over to the gym and hit the treadmill for another 20 minutes for about 2.5 miles....then I decided the timing was just right so I hit the 2 hour endurance spin class. I was a few minutes late but the class went last so I got a full 2 hours of spin on top of the run....not exactly what I had planned but close enough. first real week with some structure so feeling good too.

We went by Kyles new place while still in transition while he is moving in what a huge place compared to what he had before. I look forward to working out there for sure.

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Kona Shelley said...

Nice place!