Wednesday, January 21, 2009

week 15 of pre-season

Need to get on a spin bike? Sunday it gets this crowded at the fitness center...busy eh?

so started using the schedule I mentioned and this is this week. I have stuck to it except today I swam and then did a KMA with Kyle. Kyle is opening a bigger place this weekend so should be pretty cool, I will drop in and take some pics on Sat.

i really need a spin bike for being quiet....I am so loud on the morning with the trainer and when Chuck and I rode the spin bikes at the club for two hours Sunday we realized they were so quiet. We rode the two tall Keiser bikes in the bike because they had watts and are better bikes. I stayed at about 220 watts for the entire 2 hours. I do not know if that is good or bad? it was an endurance ride so that was my endurance speed.

I guess then again I could go without a spin bike because i would rather be outside on the bike for sure...but darkness and snow and ice etc etc...makes you hit the spinner so any really rich chicks that need a gigolo and want to trade for a nice spin bike email me :)

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