Sunday, January 18, 2009


Well the nice weather turned into the inversion so icy and cold, saw lot sof people taking photos in the park of all the frosticles on the bushes ( yes Dan you too) so went to plan B. Plan A was to ride for 4 hours outside.....Plan B was 2 hours on the spin bikes at the swim center followed by 1000 meters of swimming. Chuck and I went together to keep ourselves honest. good workout and came home to find chili on the stove!!! I likey chili!!!

As Chuck is doing a month long race t make my wimpy 1 day Ironman look like a cop out he is good to train with. he is going to get us to do some 100 mile plus bike days back to back so he will make me stronger by pure scheduling of death rides.

I am going to meet with Kyle of the KMA to talk schedule but this schedule looks good for training...anyone else have ideas for schedules? just trying to focus this year.

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