Sunday, January 04, 2009

fun day..I mean hard day

The new Brooks Cascadia shoe is great...I got them on sale on Jan 1st for 20% off. I also got a few pair of shoes for $50 since they were last years models....lets see 2 weeks ago $120.....this week $ kind of deal. Another tip is to change shoes everyday and also I left them in the box and after every run I am writing the mileage on the box on the top inside to know when to pahse them out of running, I will go about 500 miles a pair before I swap them to workout and hanging out kicks. Got to love the feel of running in new shoes. This week I got in 2 10k runs at about 52 minutes a piece. I want to get those to about 45 minutes. This is more training for th the Beaver Freezer, my first race of the year.

Thanks to super Barb did a Spinerval workout for 45 minutes...the game plan was to ski but no new snow sooooooo plan B was to go to Maston but it was 16 degrees outside so decided that indoor trainer sounded a little better. hit the Spinerval workout hard and sweated it up a bit..then went right into a WOD style from crossfit and did the following:'

3 rounds of:

400 meter run
10 65 pound over head thrusters
15 pushups
10 quick box jumps
10 kettlebell swings on each arm


Mark said...

Kick ass workout bro. I'm about to join a crossfit gym and hit it hard. Been building up to it and it's tough!

BTW, is that your new team kit? Much snazzier than the old one :P

TRI-ROB said...

I'm not scared of you.

Drew Holmes said...

not my team kit, go to to see team kit, this was a jersey i helped design for the tandem rally that was here a few years ago...i designed it so i could wear it mountain biking later....usually the tandem jerseys look gay ( not that there's anything wrong with that..)