Sunday, January 18, 2009


Went from Sunny to an inversion here so that is sunny up at the ski resort and clod and icy down here in town......where I WANT TO BIKE!!!! Well adaptation I guess. I went to the pool yesterday to get in some long swims in the 50 meter pool and lots of people and only 25 meter pools....WHAT??? they bulk head is getting repaired so no 50 meter until they fix it. crap. and it was crowded so I bagged it and came home and ran in my new Team Sandbagger gear. got in about 6 miles and also did the Brett idea of stopping and doing 10 pushups every mile. I did it every time the ipod nike system gave me a time update...I ended up doing like 80 pushups. I can feel it this morning. Had a birthday party to go to and I am in training mode as there was great free beer there and I drank 7up since I still had to ride later. I ended up watching to episodes of DEXTER on DVD on the trainer......I hate the trainer....after 15 minutes. I am looking for some rollers to do to mix it up. Today the plan was to do a 4 hour bike ride outside. I need to check the sat photos and see if any clear air nearby. I may have to drive to sunshine.

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kt said...

Totally love Dexter! I just finished the first season and I am hooked. Great trainer stuff. PS. Nice Team Sandbagger gear! Love it. :)