Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Great race....

The start of the Season has really started when you get a Cross Crusade race under your belt. over 1000 racers there and a full weekend of fun. From getting Ron to race his frost cross race ever to "Not" getting Glenned. In the end it was about taking a risk. the risk to upgrade to the B category. I have had a ton of people ask me why I moved up as I was not forced and not winning the C races ( well, I won one of them) and the answer was to take a risk. I am really racing myself and my weakness for short races. In years to come nobody will care how I placed...( or a day after the race in truth) so I am making the challenge harder and pushing myself. I ended up Middle of the pack ( MOP ) for most of the race, stopped to check a flat that was not a flat that lost me about 15 places. The last lap I faded for sure. I need to work on a strong start and a strong finish not a taper...

end result for Alpenrose: 97th out of 135....need to move up about 20 spots!!

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