Tuesday, January 02, 2007

1 hour easy spin

got and and went to the pool at 5:30....damn thing was closed for an open house later that day....so no swim threw my whole day off. later did a indoor trainer ride with rob watching one of his birthday gifts of some DVDs of last years classics. good quality stuff and no commercials. rode for 1 hour at about 135 HR, easy stuff but I am in base. I will go swim in the morning though and then looks like we are taking the munchkins out on snowmobiles. I need to spice up this blog, looking back pretty factual and boring.

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T-Guy J said...

That is the best way to ride on the trainer...cycling dvd's.

This years Tour De France 12-hour box set is excellent. I just finished watching the stage to Morzine where Landis made his incredible (and clean) comeback.