Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tuesday RUn

so rode the bike to and from work yesterday ( as usual) getting me my easy 60 minutes of spin time everyday and added a 50 minute run at lunch. nice enough out that I ran in shorts and t-shirt, granted it was probably only 45-50 degrees but it felt hot to me. listened to another fun podcast that is from another triscoop crew 2intrasit . great show by Liz and Cara a couple of friends in Texas ( and now northeast) that have great energy and laugh a lot which makes me smile at some of their random thoughts as I am running.

this morning i am off to the pool for workout drills and then I will hit the gym for some core ( light because I have another KMA session on Thursday)

Have a few road trips coming up for work and will have to mix in some different workouts but then again sometimes that is good to mix it up right?

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