Thursday, January 25, 2007

KMA #3

another brutal hour with trainer Kyle Will, i will tell you that I know what the rubberized surface on the floor of the gym looks like up close.......Bruce and I both grabbed our ankles a few times during the workout. I ended up going and buying a BOSU ball on Kyles recommendation for my home gym...As you can see difficult to get home on a motorcycle but I managed.

did treadmill at 10% incline intervals, did lung squats with dumbbells at our sides and did shoulder flys at each lunge, did push ups with one arm on the bosu ball upside down and then lift the non bosu ball hand up in the air ( this was at the end of the workout and i was kissing dirt) all I know again is that my heart rate got to 185 and pretty much stayed there for an hour. we ended with out 300 sit ups in various variations........he is killing me!!!! In a good Way!. Thank god i am paying him for this or I would have told him to &%$#^ off after about 20 minutes but not the case as I asked for it and about an hour later I want it again!!!!

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