Saturday, January 06, 2007

back to work

back to work yesterday after being off for a few weeks. It was a good two weeks as I did workout and ski and spend time with the family, nice mix. Now I am in full swing. I have my first core training/strength training session on Wed with trainer Kyle Will. I will train with him once a week for 2 months to build core strength. Last year Bruce did this and it really made a difference. I went to one of the workouts with him and ran on one of Kyles treadmills ( kick ass facility...i will take some pics) while Bruce did the workout, I was glad I was running 6 miles on a treadmill vs. what he had to this year I will suffer as well.

Still waiting for the Dartfish analysis but she should have it soon....will keep you posted. Today i will run and then on Sunday going backcountry skiing in the morning and then hit the trainer for an easy hour in the gym.

pic I took with the cell phone from the top of a secret hill we ski on the other morning at about 6:30 AM

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