Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Spent a solid 30 minutes doing swim drills on Monday and they feel pretty good. I think I actually felt the "downhill swimming effect" that Total Immersion touches on as well as I noted in my recent DARTFISH analisys by Vanessa. So I tried to do 100 m repeats thikng about just one aspect of the stroke on each 100. First 100 hand entry, second 100, head roll, 3rd etc etc etc. You get the idea. It is freezing out this morning ( about 21 degrees but also foggy). If it warms up a bit , or at least the fog lifts I am planning an outside ride of an hour or so with a Brick run attached.

In 4 weeks I am planning on doing the Polar Plunge here in Bend. Good cause and me jumpig in to an icy body of water at night...how much better could it get.

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