Sunday, January 21, 2007

kicking my own ass

so used my new home gym today and watched a great workout on Fit TV, not sure how long this channel has been around but it is great, it is an offshoot of Discovery Channel. I did a workout with Cathe Friedrich. using a lot of weights and doing squats and lower back work and dumbbell curls. Since you control the weights you can make the workout pretty hard. The nice thing is I have a DVR in that room so I can skip the commericals and also pause the show if I need to change weights to heavier or lighter. I was going to swim today but I think I will do it on Monday and get back into my M/W/F swim routine since it is a nice break during the workday and I always feel fresher afterwords for part two of a workday. Plan is to warm up with 200 m then do 100 meters of a drill then do 200 m then 100 meters of a drill then anotehr 200m giving me 800 meters, doing that for the next few months and working on form will be key.


Shelley said...

Seriously?? You guys are so lucky..I wish I had a channel like that!!

Drew Holmes said...

yeah I leave it on this channell in the gym as the goto channell, pretty sweet huh? wuth a DVR i can record great workouts all the time, like getting free workout DVDs abd when I am done i record another one