Thursday, January 25, 2007


So after reading the Core performance book by Mark Verstegan I am really trying to stay hydrated properly. Awhile back Brett from triscoop introduced me to NUUN. These tabs that you drop into water and they became slightly flavored water with some needed electrolytes but not too much and no sugar. They really keep me going. I find myself drinking them at work, after and during workouts etc. They were hard to find in my area ( you can get them online) and they last a long time and come in this super cool tube for dropping in a gym bag, messenger bag, desk drawer stocking stiffer etc etc.

So I contacted the company and told them about Ironman Canada and a bunch of other stuff I was doing and after some discussion they set me up with a package sponsorship!!!! How cool is that. They sent me a nice box of goodies that i will be sporting with pride. ( I like the tag on the hat that shows the kid pulling the visor from the wash likes its a prize) I have been turning on friends by just giving them a tube and that seems to be the hook. I would not sport the stuff it I did not actually use CYTOMAX.....NOPE cannot stand that stuff, tastes bad to me and too grainy. i have Friends that like it but I sure do not. personal tastes I guess.

try a tube, they are like $6 a tube but have 12 tabs and I use 1 tab per nalgene bottle so they last me about a week and a half a tube. for the price of two Starbuck coffees ( which I try and avoid due to cost and piss poor flavor in coffee) you get a ton of hydration. The biggest sell to me was not messing around with powders that are ok if you are in a kitchen...........bu i do not workout in my kitchen.


T-Guy J said...

Good call on the Nuun...I love their stuff

They hooked you up, wow

Flatman said...

Very cool of them. If I can get my ass in gear and put together a race schedule, I might write a letter to them also!!!