Monday, January 29, 2007

Cold and sunny

Well plans changed, Rob had some other items he had to attend to so no go on the bike ride but i feel good because I did not bag out on my plan in two ways. First My wife really wanted to east at Pilot Butte burgers as a last hurrah before she started her 2007 training for a few marathons. She had done almost nothing since the last Portland Marathon which is good in a certain way as i did not want her to get burned out. So we went and I told her I would hold her to Monday being day 1 of her program and she agreed. I on the other hand in into my program so I had a .........cup of coffee while everyone else had greasy ( yummy) burgers the size of your head since I had a bike ride to do that afternoon. I went out a few hours later and instead of plan A) spinning with Rob inside or plan B) going to the fitness center and doing a spin class I opted for plan C) go outside and brave the cold. It was great, I had just the right gear on and stayed warm and spun for 1 hour and 45 minutes listening to the lactate threshold testing at trivantage that Brett Did. I spun at 135 BPM which is way into my zone 1 the whole time keeping the cadence up. averaged about 16 MPH. Wearing my HR monitor was smart to make me go easier since it is a base ride.

My zones are ( based on a lactate threshold blood draw like Brett did at a lab)

zone 1 125-150
zone2 150-174
zone 3 175-180
zone 4 181-195

all in all a very productive weekend and today is skill drills at the pool.

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