Tuesday, February 13, 2007

swim went well

200 warm up

300,200,100 with 20 sec rest at mod. pace
200,100,50 negative splits

100 fast

3x100 pull

100 cool down

total for today: 1650 metes or for those non swimmers: 1.02 miles

you know when I do these workouts I do not leave the pool totally worked, tired but not worked, so either I am setting a nice Even pace or I just am not trying hard enough. I really planned on about 500 meters more but the key is I get bored. I was even using a workout from a book that my buddy moonpie suggested ( see here) but after about 30 minutes my mind is bored, On the run and bike you can use stimulus from the new views around every corner or the music on the ipod. There is some mental discipline on the swim I am still working on. Now in races I do not get bored that's for sure but in training it is one of my weak points.


Shelley said...

Hey Drew!! For some reason, I can never reply to my e-mails now through blogger..anywho.. www.racedaywheels.com are FANTASTIC!! The wheels are in perfect/new condition, they will install them on your bike, you can use their tires/tubes or use your own. I will use their services everytime I do an IM!!!
Good luck.

Drew Holmes said...

thanks I will hook them up!!!