Thursday, February 08, 2007

KMA #5

some pics from Kyles website

I actually look forward to grabbing my ankles and hurting like I just finished a marathon every week in only an hour of working we did the "Dirty dozen" even though I only made it to eight. warmed up on a treadmill and then ramped up to a decent speed and hit the incline to 2. then we ran for about 90 seconds hard and then jumped off and did 12 push ups. back to the treadmill for 90 then the 12 push ups and added s 12 squats with dumbbells and curls. back to the treadmill. then push ups and squats and added scissor kicks....anyway you get the idea. Every rep we would add another exercise and do all of them plus the new started adding up quick.

overall the least set was:

90 seconds treadmill

12 push ups

12 squats with barbell curls

12 scissor kicks with military press dumbbell

12 push ups with barbells pulling them up for core

12 burpees with medicine ball

12 bent over rows

12 box jumps

12 side to side box jumps

OHHHHHHH Was I a hurting unit by the end of that!!!!!!!!!

Bu now the next morning I feel that I had a great workout and I plan to go do swim drills later today. The nice thing was the first two session my HR was about 185 and now I am keeping it at a constant my Lactate threshold is right there so it is hard do not get me wrong. I was dying by the end of that.


jameson said...

sounds like another solid effort. Are you noticing any significant differences (swim/bike/run) now that your core is getting stronger?

keep it up man!

Drew Holmes said...

I can see my self leaning up and find that my recovery for the next day is solid so I am working out more, I also find that this workout is set on an 11 so now all my other workouts are going at a higher level....I do not see myself going faster yet but I can see how that should happen down the road and my endurance should not fade as fast so faster times overall...I will keep you posted