Friday, February 23, 2007


today is the day for the polar plunge, it is ice cold out and snow is everywhere!!! Thank God!!! it was warm a few weeks away and I think that would have taken away from the experience. I want it Frozen tundra cold!!!! Got up at 5 am and did some weights and core work and then bike Commuted to work in the dark cold morning....I love those ( when I layer correctly). Brett did a podcast that I had a segment in about bike commuting ( click here) and I am am so glad to be over that illness, what a pain, I am about 5 weeks out from the Beaver Freezer and want to be ready to just kill it. Same course and I want to improve in all three time splits. Mt swim will take off minutes, my bike will likely be close and my run should improve a ton. Bruce failed to sign up in time so he is a LOSER and will come just to support but it sicks he did not make it in. With that in mind I need to sign up for my other events this month as well.

ok I will do a mini podcast tonight doing the Polar plunge and see me test out some "Shrinkage theory"


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