Monday, February 26, 2007

Polar plunge

The polar plunge was a great success. I am still trying to get some pics from friends. ( the one above has me right before I go in backwards in the yellow shorts) My camera went dead that Isis was using so missed out on the one person actually there to take my pic. It was about 31 degrees out and I was not really that cold standing there in my swimsuit. I guess after -1 degree temps in the wasatch while skiing it seemed warmer. I went in to my knees, turned around and did the ice tea plunge backwards so I went all the way under. That was a rule in my book had to go under. there were some that just got up to their knees....CHEATER!!!

Sat did a core workout and then swam for about 30 minutes, came home and did a 60 minute run with Rob. We did about 5 miles at an easy pace.

Sunday did the Hutchs Bicycle Shop group ride ( meant for all comers) and it was a 25 mile loop around Redmond. Cold and we were bundled up but no snow up there and the road was pretty clean. only about 10 people showed up but it was fun.


moonpie said...

Nice work dude!!!

Shelley said...

can you say "shrinkage"?? hee hee