Thursday, February 01, 2007


Wow another hour of Kyle kicking my ass. Feels so good after and during all of my other workouts. I was redlined today. we did a little strength but mostly cardio and i about passed out again...seriously. I feel great after though so it seems to carry me to the next week. I have to say this is what I needed to jumpstart my year. Bruce did it last year and he could not stop talking about it and he was right. I didn't even wear my heart rate strap today because I know it says 185 5 minutes into the workout and never goes down so what the point???

here is what I remember from the workout ( I was a bit hazy)

treadmill warmup 10 minutes
then every minute treadmill incline up one and speed up
after about 5 minutes did 10 pushupos on instability board, then 10 burpees then 10 scissor squats with a med ball

back to the treadmill still at incline and still going fast. started increasing speed and decreasing incline every minute...5 minutes pass another set of pushups etc added jumps

then went to jumping rope and doing sit squats on a med ball until ( as kyle put it....) our thighs were burning with fire.

then did a exercise where we grabbed a small weighted ball in a squat and the jumped up to touch his hand ( he was standing on a large block)

back to jump rope

mountain climbers while holding onto the instability boards

jump rope

then we did some other stuff but I was quite hazy now ( redline of 185 hr+ for sure)

OH yeah there was a routine on the bike as well and some more treadmill laps as fast as we could go for 3 minutes

ended with lots of ab work in the mat

Here is a link about the coach I use Kyle Will......also a good guy.

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