Tuesday, February 06, 2007

better choices

ok so road trip night two:

ran this morning for 45 minutes before work meetings. nice run. listened to fredcast a podcast about cycling.

then after work I went and swam:

500m warmup




200 cool down

SO now I am hungry and I am in a strange town and yes I could eat out and expense it but the eating out thing makes it hard to eat healthy....so I went over to the super walmart thinking the damn thing is so big there must be a health isle....WRONG!!!!! damn it just had fatty crap, 5 minutes and I was out. went across the road to a Safeway and found a nice little package of goodies, I really wanted to stop at a pizza place by the club as it smelled really good ( well in my head as I drove by,......)

So i got a lean cuisine roasted garlic chicken pizza....pretty good actually and 7g of fat.

supplemented that with some carrot sticks, some fitness water and nuts and energy bars for later and in the morning.

I felt better than getting a high fat pizza like I used to do. I guess if I am working out twice a day I should not ruin all that hard work eh?

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moonpie said...

Good job bro! It's all about the healthy choices. I am also on the road this week and so far have done pretty good and stuck to my diet plan. I figure if I follow my rules 95% of the time I will be good to go :)