Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I have really ramped up being hydrated all the time. drinking water when i wake up and when I got out of bed, At my desk all day I rink out of my killer nalgene with NUUN and I have a hot water maker at my desk to make green tea as well.

But still not making me faster......My buddy Dave in Canada who is 60 and my idol, I want to be in the shape he is when I am 60. He did a 1000m time trial last week and did it in 18 minutes. I did it this weekend and it took 23 minutes. Now not bad for only swimming 1 year but I would like to get faster.

this week plan on swimming again and a run on Wed. with another KMA workout this Thursday then a swim coach lesson on Friday.

I have also been doing a 3 day a week core workout on Core website: HERE

The first three weeks are free so I will try it out, does not take Long in the morning and incorporates some good moves and stretching I had not been doing so the only thing I needed was the gear I have plus a foam roller. That thing gives a great massage for sure....good rehab.

Also had dinner with my buddy Dan and he has convinced me to enter an Early season time trial series that I think will work into training quite well....now thinking about a Zipp wheelset but not sure???

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