Thursday, February 15, 2007

running gadget

My buddy Joe works for a cell phone company testing new gear so he gets all he latest gadgets. At dinner last night he showed me some up and coming stuff that is super secret ( well kind of) and he also tests phones for his service so he lent me this phone for awhile until the company wants it back. It has an mp3 player and a radio and real stereo headphones that also work as a phone headset. The main reason he lent it to me is he is not a runner so he wants to see what I think about the running feature that tells you how far you gave run and tells you how many calories you have burned. So I will run with it for a few Weeks and see. nice thing is I could put podcasts on it and listen while running and then of a call comes in i can use the same headset to pause the podcast and answer the phone.....we shall see and also see how accurate the distance meter on it is. Has a insta blog camera on it. I can take a pic and then send directly to a mobile phone blog
not sure I would use that too much but i will play around with it for a while. can still send pics to my email and I think they are higher res than my other phone. The nice thing is to try this phone he just takes out the SIM card in my phone and drops it in here and all my phone numbers etc just carried huh.

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Flatman said...

Nice phone, but my last sony-ericsson phone SUCKED! I hope they have worked some of the bugs out...