Tuesday, February 20, 2007

KMA #6 and then all week

Well I went into the KMA session not feeling great with headache but decided to do it anyway, actually performed ok. another hour session of super hard core work and mixed in with some fast twitch drills and we even did a session running on a treadmill backwards on an incline!!! Quad burner, try that at home. then after the session slept real poorly. went to a swim coaching session the next morning and felt BLAH but the session went well. went to work and got all hazy...went home to bed about 11 am and stayed there for 4 days. mixed in with 102-103 degree temps, body aches and a bunch of whining on my part. I feel about 80% today and am working from home as not to infect my entire office.....tip of the day get a flu shot. both my wife and daughter had one and they were each sick for about 1/2 of a day as opposed to my week long affair. i am ready in spirit to get back on my raining horse but the body says wait a few more days.


Steven said...

Lay low until you are feeling a lot better or you will just drag it out or make it worse.

Hope you feel better soon!

Drew Holmes said...

yeah, taking it easy, cancelled my hard workout with trainer this week, for sure!!!