Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wed..hump day

Monday: hard functional fitness with "shuttle run" Jonathan. then I swam during Jennelle's swim team practice ( good tip to parents that want to train. get their kid on the swim team.

Tuesday: medium hard run for 1 hour as I was feeling a bit tired.

Today: Swam 2000 meters this morning with a 750 time trial in the pool to replicate the race this coming Sunday......worked during day an dthen just broke out the TT bike for day one of the year and did a brick....about 45 minute brick

upcoming race this week: Albany triathlon

check out this great video about our proposed law being discussed ( I roll em slowly)


Anonymous said...

Good luck drew! Kill 'em out there!

The Tri Runner said...

When I saw Albany Triathlon it freaked me out because I live in Albany, Ga and I haven't heard about the race. Anyway - Good Luck!