Monday, April 27, 2009

back in the saddle

after a mixed weekend of fun, failed race and Sunday of rest ( and minor tum tum ache) hit the training studio at kyles and had a nice 30 minute warmup run followed by a solid hour of non stop sports conditioning with super johnny! He kicked it up a notch and I worked super hard...I really enjoyed this workout. solid 90 minutes if hard core strength and aerobic threshold. I really lost track of what we were doing but a basic recall brings up some of the following:

lots and lots of box jumps
lots and lots of pushups, both with dirty pulls and claps
tons of cardio with sprints and jumps and squats

great functional moves that we did with minimal equipment.

Now that I am at the hotel in Eugene for the night i am resting and with clean shaved legs again ( always shave in the hotel bathtub) I am off to run on Hayward field in the morning...home of PRE and much history. I remember walking through hay ward filed on the way to class when I attended the U of O ( as one of my many colleges) and at that time I was not so athletic so although a Nice place it did not really mean much tome at the time except a shortcut to class. Now I am going to run some repeats where history is made and people qualify for the Olympics.

As part of my four day/ three night business trip I packed some healthy choices for snacks and food. I brought some prepackaged turkey chili and some chick and rice and some string cheese and some oatmeal packets along with protein powder. Now with these hotels having fridge and micro I have no need to eat out and keep on the program.

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