Friday, April 10, 2009

Solid Wed. and rest Thursday

So Wed I was still a bit sore from the rest of the week but decided to end solid and ran for about 90 minutes before the KMA with Kyle and then put in a full effort. I was wiped at days end in a very good way. The nice thing is running for 7-9 miles now feels like a warmup as opposed to a medium distance run so that is encouraging. I also swam in my new trisuit from while it was very snug it swam well and will be good for the sprint triathlons coming up. For Ironman I will wear the full regular kit for comfort.

Yesterday I took a breather and took the full day off. I focused on some nutrition research and hit the sauna for about 40 minutes at the pool while Jennelle swam with the swim team. I will say it was refreshng in a zen kind of way but my only complaint is the picture here does not represent the people that tend to be in the sauna when I am there....they tend to be old retired men. What is up with that?

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